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Bleach Lifebars by DopeFiend (Updated 11-01-2011)


Download link:

Bleach Screenpack by DopeFiend

Screenpack Screenshots

Download it HERE

Link is dead.

Replacement Small Portraits by DopeFiend

Basically I made new custom small portraits for the better bleach characters. These all use the colors of the character's sprites so they share with palettes properly.

My preferred icons:

Extra icons:

Mugen screenshots:

Characters these icons were made for:
StormEX's                              Lightmatt's       Ashisukurou's
Ichigo                                      Kisuke                Orihime
Ogihci                                      Kyugohanin
The new Hitsugaya beta   

Bwdyeti's       Alchemist's   SSJSonGoku's    BlkFrog's
Byakuya         Chad               Kenpachi               Rukia
Ikkaku             Tousen
Ukitake            Yoruichi

Installation steps for Fighter Factory newbies:
-Open up Fighter Factory and open up a character, then click the Sprites tab at the top.
-Scroll to the character's small portrait. Then click the button on the left that's a blue folder and says 'change' when you scroll over it (also says pcx on the icon). Now find the new small portrait you want to replace it with and hit open. Also some of these characters have misaligned small portraits (a couple of StormEX's characters do) so make sure the x and y axis are both set to 0.
-Hit the icon on the left that has sff written on it and says save when you scroll over it.
-Done. Now do these steps for the other characters and enjoy.

Link is dead. I no longer have this but the images are open source.


Guilty Gear (PSX) Fonts

Download it HERE